Special two-hour show will celebrate ten years of WVBR‘s “Tuesdays with the Band”

Every Tuesday, WVBR’s Dan Cole showcases local music, often with a live performance, and this week’s tenth anniversary “Tuesdays with the Band” show will be at the Carriage House Loft so we can all enjoy it in person!

“The talent in this town never ceases to amaze me,” says Dan, a frequent DJ on Ithaca community radio station WVBR who quickly grew interested in supporting the local music scene with his weekly show. Often a mix of recorded music from local albums, interviews with local performers, and a few songs played live, “this show would be nothing without the fantastic musicians that fill the airwaves every Tuesday,” he says.

Mike Brindisi (left) and John O'Leary of the New York Rock on one of many appearances on WVBR's Tuesdays with the Band. 14850 Photo by Mark H. Anbinder.

Mike Brindisi (left) and John O’Leary of the New York Rock on one of many appearances on WVBR’s Tuesdays with the Band. 14850 Photo by Mark H. Anbinder.

Ten years ago today, local performer Mike Brindisi was the guest on the first weekly show. Now the front man for the New York Rock, Brindisi has been back on Tuesdays with the Band countless times as he and the group have released new albums or kicked off tours.

“A lot of artists in the area owe him for their success,” says Brindisi. “Dan Cole was the first radio DJ to play my song on the air. Not only did it jump start my career locally but it led to so many other opportunities.”

“As a guest on the first episode of Tuesdays with the Band, I had no idea how big it was going to become, and how important it was going to be to the local music scene,” he adds. He, or he and the band, have appeared on the show “probably just shy of two dozen times,” says Dan.

Brindisi’s New York Rock will headline the two-hour show, though Dan has lined up several other performances from other frequent guests, including Don Bazley, Steve Gollnick, and Joe & Amanda Massa.

Joe and Amanda are brother and sister who’ve each appeared on the show as part of multiple ensembles. Amanda, who’s performed on many Tuesdays with The Jeff Love Band, Thru Spectrums, and the Massa Family Band, says she remembers when Dan started the show ten years ago. “I’m so proud of everything he’s accomplished and grateful for what he does for the local music scene,” she says. “He unequivocally supports all of us through and through.”

Tuesdays with the Band began when WVBR was in temporary space on Mitchell Street, and the broadcast studio was barely big enough for three people at a time, never mind the six or seven musicians the show sometimes crammed in. The radio station moved to its current location at the corner of Stewart Avenue and Buffalo Street just over two years ago, and last year, the show was able to start broadcasting from a beautiful two-story live performance space that doubles as the radio station’s record library, allowing bigger bands to play with a little more elbow room.

The tenth anniversary Tuesdays with the Band show will be upstairs at the Carriage House Café at 305 Stewart Avenue in lower Collegetown from 5-7pm on Tuesday, June 7th, with a cash bar available. Doors open at 4:30pm for the free show, and the show will be broadcast live on WVBR beginning at 5pm. Those who can’t attend in person can listen on the radio at 93.5FM in Ithaca or online at wvbr.com.

“I have the easy job, and have been thankful for it for a decade,” says Dan.

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