Despite May 1 deadline, Dryden Road closure drags on

The City of Ithaca says construction work on the 200 block of Dryden Road in Collegetown is keeping the road closed most of the time, even though they gave developers a May 1 deadline.

Construction work keeps Collegetown clogged. 14850 Photo.

Construction work keeps Collegetown clogged. 14850 Photo.

Ithaca’s director of engineering services Tim Logue calls this spring’s projects “somewhat moving targets at this point as we continue to coordinate with developers, contractors, businesses, utilities, TCAT and others.”

On March 23, when the road closure was announced, Ithaca officials said, “Though the project construction will continue past May 1st, the street closure will only be allowed until May 1st.”

“At that time, flaggers will maintain two directions of traffic in one lane for the month of May,” the announcement added. “It is likely that it will be closed again in June.”

Logue tells us that under the revised plan, “the working agreement for the 200 block of Dryden Road is to allow for one-way, westbound traffic whenever possible,” but “when deliveries are being made to the Kraftees building, there is not enough width in the street to allow for a travel lane, so the block will be closed during those times.”

The construction project is one of several in and around Collegetown, adding apartments and commercial space. This particular project replaces old housing and retail space that included the Royal Palm Tavern. Work on a new apartment building on Eddy Street where Club Sudz and Pixel Lounge used to be has also slowed traffic at the top of East Buffalo Street, and has forced the block to be closed on occasion.

“The contractor is trying to schedule deliveries in the mornings, so that the block can be opened up more often in the afternoons, evenings and weekends,” he said. “They have agreed to not take deliveries for the long weekend around graduation.”

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