Making your own scones is a snap, thanks to the Carriage House

This week, we’re trying some Carriage House Cafe favorites — at home! This great cafe on Stewart Avenue lets you bring home their coffee, their granola, and now their scones in a mix you can bake yourself.

The Carriage house has offered their cocoa mix and granola for a while.

It’s pretty common for eateries to sell items you’ve enjoyed there that you can use at home. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que’s BBQ sauce, Felicia’s hot sauce, or the custom F. Oliver’s olive oil and balsamic vinegar blends available at Monks on the Commons.

Ithaca’s Carriage House Cafe has sold bags of their special blend of Copper Horse Coffee for almost as long as they’ve been brewing it, and for a while, they’ve also sold hot cocoa mix and the same granola they serve for brunch. You can even buy jars of delicious fruit preserves.

Scones in the pastry case. You mean we can do that?!

But now the Carriage House is making it easy for all of us to make our own scones, just like the ones that always tease us from the pastry case when we stop in for a cappuccino.

Scones aren’t that hard to make from scratch, but the Carriage House mix makes it super simple: just add cream, mix, and bake. OK, there are a couple more steps, like kneading the dough for a few seconds and cutting it into wedges, but you get the idea. It’s really easy.

Getting ready to make some scones at home.

If you love the cocoa or coffee at the Carriage House, you can bring some home. If you think it’s the best granola in town, you can buy some of that to enjoy in your PJs. But the scone mix adds the satisfaction of doing some of the work yourself.

Right now they’re offering just one flavor, chocolate almond cinnamon, but if that does well, they’re likely to add other varieties that’ll keep well on a shelf. Probably none with cheese or fruit, though you could always add your own fruit, nuts, or other add-ins like vanilla or maple syrup.

You can also customize your scones by using coconut milk instead of cream. Be aware, though, that the almonds in the mix have a little bit of butter in their coating, so the results won’t be 100% dairy-free or vegan.

Mission accomplished! Scones fresh from the oven.

One bag makes six hefty scones, but you can easily cut them into bigger or smaller wedges. They suggest you can make monster scones by just cutting the dough in four pieces, but I went the other way and made twelve scones.

So swing by the Carriage House Cafe at 305 Stewart Avenue in lower Collegetown, open Tuesday through Sunday for brunch, give their new scone mix a try, and tell them you heard about them here.

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