Tompkins County feels the Bern, even if New York tilts Hillary

No surprise: Tompkins County voters went heavily for Senator Bernie Sanders in Tuesday’s primary election, even though Democratic front-runner Secretary Hillary Clinton ultimately won the state.

Unofficial primary totals from the Tompkins County Board of Elections, with all election districts reporting, show Sanders with 62.31% of the vote to Clinton’s 37.69%.

Most districts in Tompkins County gave Bernie Sanders double the vote — or more — vs opponent Hillary Clinton. Unusually close districts were on the border of the Town of Ithaca’s eastern edge and the Town of Dryden, with polling places at TST BOCES and the Ellis Hollow Apartments.

Just two election districts in Tompkins County, the Town of Lansing 6th and Town of Ithaca 7th, went for Hillary Clinton.

In a sign that Tompkins County’s ballots were unclear on the matter of delegates, two popular area politicians, Svante Myrick and Barbara Lifton, earned the top two vote counts among delegates to represent voters at the Democratic National Convention, even though they’re committed to support Hillary Clinton. Ballots in many counties in New York State were much clearer, with “Pledged to support Sanders” or “Pledged to support Clinton” appearing under each delegate’s name. Mayor Myrick, known locally as a progressive, has taken a lot of heat from Ithacans for supporting Clinton over Sanders. The mayor has focused on the Clinton campaign, appearing at debates and campaign events, for the last few months. Assemblywoman Lifton represents New York’s 125th Assembly District, which includes all of Tompkins and portions of Cortland County.

Tompkins County voters narrowly picked Donald J. Trump as the Republican candidate, with 37.13% of the vote to 34.5% for John Kasich and 26.81% for Ted Cruz. Dr. Ben Carson, who pulled out of the Republican race this winter, nonetheless earned a total of 72 votes, or 1.55% of the vote.

Voter turnout across Tompkins County was about 35% among Republican voters and about 54% among Democratic voters.

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