Ohio killer could be in Pennsylvania or New York, say Cleveland police

The Ithaca Police Department confirms to 14850 Today that they’ve been warned shooting suspect Steve Stephens could be in Pennsylvania or New York. He’s wanted for killing a man and then posting a video on Facebook.

Images from Cleveland Police via Twitter.

“Residents of states of Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Michigan [are] asked to be on alert,” according to a release from the Cleveland Division of Police.

The suspect is a black male, about 6’1″ tall and about 244 pounds, with a bald head and a full beard, according to police. He was seen driving a white Ford Fusion.

“IPD and most other police departments nationwide have been notified of that incident as well as the suspect info,” Ithaca police spokesman Jamie Williamson told 14850.

Early statements said Stephens killed a man while broadcasting on Facebook Live, but in fact the video was posted afterwards. It’s reported that he subsequently started a live video to talk about the incident.

Cleveland police say he is “armed and dangerous” and urge anyone who sees him not to approach him, but call 911.

Cleveland Mayor Jackson says there is a reward of up to ,000 from ATF, FBI, and Crimestoppers for information leading to the man’s arrest.

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