Downtown Ithaca stabbing reported to police by hospital

A man who was stabbed late Saturday night in downtown Ithaca went to the emergency room for treatment before reporting the attack to police. IPD learned of the stabbing from hospital personnel.

Police learned at 2:09am Sunday that the victim, a 27-year-old man, had been stabbed at about 1:15am in the alleyway at 107 East Green Street. The alley is adjacent to the rear door of Moonshadow Tavern, a bar with its entrance on the Commons, but police would not comment on whether “Moonies,” as it’s known, was connected to the stabbing. “Unless the incident occurs inside of a business we do not comment on a specific business,” IPD public information officer Jamie Williamson told us.

Police are investigating the incident, and looking for a suspect they describe as “a white male in his 20s.” The victim’s wound was described as “a non-life-threatening stab wound to the body.”

IPD asks anyone who might have pertinent information that could aid their investigation to call them at 607-272-9973, or use the crime stoppers tipline at 607-697-0333 or online.

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