Rare $1,000 offer means a lifetime of backstage benefits at GrassRoots

Invest a thousand bucks in the future of the GrassRoots Festival and you’ll have an All Access pass for yourself and a guest for any GrassRoots Festival you attend for the rest of your life.

The Grandstand Stage at the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival. 14850 file photo.

The GrassRoots folks are calling it the “Dream Team” ticket, and it’s a one-time special offer that also includes 10 four-day passes to attend any GrassRoots Festival. (The lifetime “All Access” pass doesn’t include lifetime festival admission. That would be a crazy deal.)

The four-day passes can be used at the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival in Trumansburg, at the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival, or the Virginia Key GrassRoots Festival, and you can use them yourself whenever you wish, or share them with friends or family.

Whenever you’re at GrassRoots, whether you’re using one of those four-day passes or have paid to get in, your lifetime All Access lanyard will get you into backstage areas and artist areas.

The Dream Team package also includes a $50 voucher to use at the GrassRoots store at the festival, for GrassRoots t-shirts, hats, and more.

If you’re expecting to keep going to GrassRoots anyway, or you were planning to go with a bunch of friends, $1,000 for ten all-weekend passes is a great deal. Even early bird tickets are now north of $100 per person, and four-day admission at the gate is $150.

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