Finally, Auntie Anne’s is opening in Ithaca! With Carvel along for the ride.

They tantalized us with promises last summer, but Auntie Anne’s pretzel shop is finally opening at the Shops at Ithaca Mall, this Saturday!

Auntie Anne's is coming to the Shops at Ithaca Mall!

Auntie Anne’s is coming to the Shops at Ithaca Mall!

The new Auntie Anne’s stand will be in the corner of the mall’s Cafe Square food court, next to Sicilian Delight. They open on Saturday, April 9.

As we wrote last August, the chain, featuring freshly baked handmade pretzels and lemonade, has been at the mall off and on over the last few decades, closing most recently about two years ago. New franchise owner Cris Craft hopes to “reconnect with all of our Ithaca Auntie Anne’s pretzel lovers” and “share pretzel positivity.”

The original plan was to open last November, at about the same time as the new Sears Hometown Store that now offers appliances at the mall.

A nice surprise is that our shiny new Auntie Anne’s will also be selling Carvel ice cream. They’re the first Carvel Express location in our area, offering the chain’s most popular ice cream fountain items, like soft-serve cones, sundaes, and shakes. Complete with dipping sauces and topping bar, of course.

The combo Auntie Anne’s and Carvel locations sell special items like a sundae with soft cinnamon-sugar pretzel nuggets. It’s almost summer, right?

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