Cargill donates thermal imaging camera to McLean Fire and Rescue

Even better, two days after it arrived, McLean Fire was able to use the thermal imaging camera at the house of a Cargill employee.

McLean Fire DepartmentThe story begins when McLean Fire and Rescue received a ,000 grant from Cargill Deicing Technology. McLean’s fire department has a total annual budget of just ,000, through fundraising and donations, so fancy equipment like a thermal imaging camera would normally be out of reach.

A thermal imaging camera (TIC) is an electronic device that lets firefighters see hot spots inside walls, or lets rescue crews find living people who may be trapped, by sensing their heat.

Just two days after McLean got their new Bullard Eclipse TIC, they were called to the home of a Cargill employee’s relative to help track down the source of an electrical odor. Using the gear, firefighters quickly found an electrical fire that was smoldering inside a wall. They were able to put it out before too much damage occurred.

McLean Fire and Rescue says Cargill also “regularly donates salt for use at our fire station during winter snow months.”

Quite a few local fire departments helped when 17 miners were trapped in an elevator at the Cargill Salt Mine in Lansing.

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