Tompkins health officials looking for dog that bit a person in Collegetown

The Tompkins County Health Department says they’re looking for a dog that bit a person on Sunday evening in Collegetown, to make sure the dog doesn’t have a rabies infection.

According to a release from Tompkins County, “the dog is described as a young, brown, male dog accompanied by an adult male owner. The person bitten had been playing with the leashed dog when the bite occurred” around 9pm on Sunday, March 26, in the Collegetown area of Ithaca.

The Tompkins County Health Department said in their statement that they’re seeking “to verify vaccination status and health of the biting dog over a ten day period. If the dog can be located and observed to be healthy by the Department, the risk of rabies infection can be ruled out.”

If health officials can’t rule out the possibility that the dog has rabies, the person who was bitten may have to undergo a series of rabies treatments that include painful injections.

Anyone with information about the dog is asked to call the Tompkins County Environmental Health Division at 607-274-6688.

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