Cornell says Ezra, one of its red-tailed hawks, died this weekend

An injured red-tailed hawk brought to Cornell’s Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center on Saturday turned out to be Ezra, one of a pair of birds at the Lab of Ornithology who’ve raised 15 nestlings over five years.

Ezra shown incubating Big Red’s eggs from a clutch five years ago. Photo courtesy Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Ezra and his mate, Big Red, have been popular fixtures on Cornell’s “hawk cam” for years. The Lab of Ornithology says “Ezra was banded near the Cornell campus in 2006 when he was already an adult, making him at least 12 years old.”

Folks at the Lab of Ornithology say Ezra had been found injured on campus on Saturday. “After examining him and taking X-rays, veterinarians determined that the severe wing fracture could not be repaired and flight would never again be possible,” they said in a statement on Tuesday. “They made the difficult but humane decision to euthanize him on Sunday.”

“We wish to thank the veterinarians at the Wildlife Health Center for being available every day, around the clock, to help wildlife in distress. We are truly fortunate that our hawks and other wildlife in the area receive such world-class care because of them.”

“Ezra has touched our lives and the lives of millions of people of all ages ever since we started watching him and Big Red in 2012,” they added. “He inspired us with his beauty and personality as well as his devotion and success in working with Big Red to raise 15 nestlings in just the past five years.”

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