Now that roads are clear, GE turbine will transit Ithaca’s west end on Friday

After riding out the snowstorm in Lansing, that second General Electric turbine will head across Ithaca’s west end on Friday morning as it resumes its trek to Pennsylvania.

What can you expect as the turbine crosses Ithaca? Photo by Dean O’Gorman.

This week’s major winter storm led Edwards Moving to pause the journey with the convoy hunkered down at The Rink on East Shore Drive, where it spent a night in early February, as well.

IPD public information officer Jamie Williamson says they expect the turbine to enter the City of Ithaca from East Shore Drive at about 9:30am on Friday, March 17th. It will turn onto Route 13 southbound and proceed into Ithaca’s west end.

  • Turbine will enter Ithaca about 9:30am
  • It will take Route 13 south
  • Meadow Street will be closed
  • Crossings will remain open as possible
  • Turbine will leave Ithaca on Route 34

High winds and resulting power outages early this month affected the availability of utility company crews, who must travel with the convoy. Bucket truck teams lift power lines out of the way as the turbine travels.

Just like last time, Sgt. Barry Banfield told us that IPD expects “all streets crossing Meadow Street to remain open until the load is obstructing the intersection. We are being told there will be flag persons assisting at the intersections.”

Officials might have to adjust the plan at the last minute, he adds. “As difficult as this load seems to have been to move so far, everything remains to be seen.”

Fulton Street will remain open for southbound traffic, so “all southbound traffic will be able to access West Hill,” including Cayuga Medical Center, and “northbound traffic can use any side streets needed to circumvent the closure,” such as Plain Street, Banfield suggests.

The turbines are the largest ever delivered fully assembled from GE, with a modular design that will let a power plant operator put them right in place.

Traffic along the entire route through Central New York will be affected. “The slow-moving, 345-foot long by 20-foot wide transporter vehicle, with a total weight of nearly 450 tons, will significantly affect traffic in both directions as it makes its way west then south,” according to an initial NYSP release referring to the first turbine. The convoy travels between 2 and 4 miles per hour.

The GE turbine is being trucked from the company’s plant in Schenectady to its destination, a power plant outside Scranton, Pennsylvania, according to The Morning Call. Three more similar turbines will be heading to another destination over the next several weeks.

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