No comment from Ithaca High School officials as police step up presence in response to gun threat

Ithaca Police Department has “officers stepping up the presence at the school” following a threat of gun violence made on social media against an Ithaca High School student, according to Chief John R. Barber.


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School district officials will not comment on the situation, but we have obtained an email sent to families of students at Ithaca High School yesterday to alert them to the threat, which occurred when “several Ithaca High School students engaged in a conversation on Facebook.”

“One student became upset and made a direct threat to another student followed by a threat of violence to the entire IHS community,” says the email sent to parents.

Chief Barber tells us that the student “was identified” and is not in school this week, but officers are on the school campus “as a show of precaution” for the rest of this week.

“Law enforcement has indicated that they do not believe the student who made the threat poses an actual threat to the IHS community at this time,” said the school district’s email. Nevertheless, a number of high school students are said to have skipped classes today, saying the school district did not take the threat seriously enough.