Free parking in Ithaca garages extended to Wednesday night

The City of Ithaca wants cars off city streets so snow can be cleared during this week’s winter storm, and they’ve extended the free parking offer to Wednesday, not just Tuesday night, in three parking garages.

A snowy Seneca Street parking garage. 14850 file photo.

Ithaca officials say the Seneca Street and Green Street garages downtown and Dryden Road garage in Collegetown will have free parking Tuesday and Wednesday nights, though you’ll have to be out by 9am on Wednesday and Thursday if you don’t want to pay daytime parking rates. (The Cayuga Street parking garage is operated by a company for Ithaca, and isn’t included.)

The downtown garages are usually free for evening hours, but all charge for the wee morning hours, and the Dryden Road garage charges 24/7.

They also say they’ll be strictly enforcing odd-even parking rules on Ithaca streets as well as the 24-hour limit in parking in legal spaces, “so that the streets can be adequately cleared of snow as quickly as possible.”

If the City declares a Snow Emergency

When there’s significant snowfall, the City can declare a Snow Emergency, during which parking on certain city streets is prohibited. Snow Emergency Routes include portions of Albany Street, Aurora Street, Cayuga Street, College Ave, Court Street, Green Street, Ithaca Road, Lincoln Street, Seneca Street, State Street, and Tioga Street. Parking can only resume on these streets when the snow emergency has been lifted.

Remember that property owners must clear “the full, paved width of sidewalks and curb-cuts on their property of snow and ice within 24 hours of the beginning of a snowfall.” Please also shovel out fire hydrants near your home!

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