GE turbine will reach Lansing on Monday, Ithaca on Tuesday

The second General Electric turbine on its way from Schenectady to the Scranton area is in Preble tonight, and is slated to stop in Lansing on Monday night before traveling through Ithaca on Tuesday.

Update: Due to the incoming winter storm, we don’t expect the turbine to travel through Ithaca on Tuesday morning. We’ll keep you posted.

The first turbine resting in Preble. The roughly 400-ton transport rests on wooden platforms each night. Photo by Dean O’Gorman of Capture It!

High winds and resulting power outages have affected the availability of utility company crews, who must travel with the convoy. Bucket truck teams lift power lines out of the way as the turbine travels.

The commercial crews operating the Edwards Moving convoy are taking a rest day on Sunday, and will resume the trip on Monday. The vehicle will take Route 281 into Cortland County, Route 222 into Tompkins County, Salt Road and Peruville Road into Lansing, and then turn south onto Route 34.

The turbine convoy spent a night at The Rink in Lansing last month. 14850 Photo by Mark H. Anbinder.

They should reach Lansing late Monday afternoon, and the turbine will once again spend the night at The Rink on East Shore Drive. The transport will head south on Route 34, East Shore Drive, into the City of Ithaca, then proceed south on Route 13 into Ithaca’s west end.

Tuesday morning, they’ll bring the turbine through Ithaca’s west end after rush hour. The truck will take Meadow Street through the west end, then proceed south out of Ithaca, taking Elmira Road onto Route 34. Meadow Street, the northbound portion of Route 13 in Ithaca’s west end, will be closed to all traffic so the truck can drive south on Meadow Street instead of Fulton Street.

The turbines are the largest ever delivered fully assembled from GE, with a modular design that will let a power plant operator put them right in place.

Traffic along the entire route through Central New York will be affected. “The slow-moving, 345-foot long by 20-foot wide transporter vehicle, with a total weight of nearly 450 tons, will significantly affect traffic in both directions as it makes its way west then south,” according to an initial NYSP release referring to the first turbine. The convoy travels between 2 and 4 miles per hour.

The GE turbine is being trucked from the company’s plant in Schenectady to its destination, a power plant outside Scranton, Pennsylvania, according to The Morning Call. Three more similar turbines will be heading to another destination over the next several weeks.

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