Encore: George Takei’s “Allegiance” in movie theatres this Sunday

“Allegiance,” the Broadway musical that tells the story of some 120,000 Japanese-Americans forced to leave their homes during World War II, is returning to movie theatres for just one showing, this Sunday, February 19th.

Allegiance is in theatres tonightIt’s a largely forgotten part of American history, one that George Takei, famous as Sulu on Star Trek, has spent years talking about. He and Lea Salonga star in the musical, which is being digitally delivered to movie theatres across the country, including Ithaca’s Regal Cinemas at Ithaca Mall, thanks to Fathom Events.

“Allegiance” follows the story of the Kimura family, forced into internment camps along with countless others of Japanese descent following the Pearl Harbor attack. Sam Kimura, played by Mr. Takei, seeks to prove his patriotism by fighting for his country in the war, but his sister, Kei, portrayed by Lea Salonga, fiercely protests the government’s treatment of her people.

“Allegiance” was also shown in movie theatres last December, and this encore showing is scheduled for the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066, “which marked the beginning of the forced relocation and internment of 120,000 Japanese Americans during World War II,” according to producers. December’s showing was “the highest-grossing one-night Broadway musical event to date for Fathom Events.”

In Ithaca, the one encore showing is at 12:55pm on Sunday, February 19th, at the Regal Cinemas Ithaca Mall 14. The show runs about two and a half hours.

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