GE turbine will cross from New York into Pennsylvania tonight

The 187-ton General Electric turbine that crossed Ithaca ten days ago on its way to a new power plant in Pennsylvania is crossing the state border tonight, after a few days in the Southern Tier.

The convoy spent a night at The Rink in Lansing last weekend. 14850 Photo by Mark H. Anbinder.

Crossing into Pennsylvania meant waiting for approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, which has now been secured.

We’re told that the convoy transporting the turbine, including a “slow-moving, 345-foot long by 20-foot wide transporter vehicle, with a total weight of nearly 450 tons,” according to the New York State Police, will cross from New York into Pennsylvania at about 10pm tonight.

As they cross the border, New York State Police Troop C, which has been accompanying the rig for most of its journey, will hand off escort duties to Pennsylvania State Police. The convoy will stop near Athens after tonight’s stretch.

PennDOT is requiring the transport convoy to move between 10pm and 6am as it continues through Pennsylvania, so it probably won’t draw quite as many crowds of spectators for the rest of its trip. As it passed through New York, dozens if not hundreds of spectators turned out in each area, sharing photos and video clips from the side of the road, or from vantage points across highways or fields.

The turbine will take U.S. Route 220 south into Pennsylvania, crossing over U.S. Route 6, and bypassing a couple of tricky spots by taking an exit ramp and then an onramp back onto the highway. They’ll travel on Route 42, Route 239 crossing Route 118 to Route 487, and then get on Route 11 near Berwick. They’ll even be on Interstate 80 briefly, for just one exit.

The GE turbine is being trucked from the company’s plant in Schenectady to its destination, a power plant outside Scranton, Pennsylvania, according to The Morning Call. “Motorists driving on the affected roads should be on the lookout and should seek out alternate routes when this behemoth is in their area,” warned a New York State Police bulletin last month. “Because of the shipment’s weight and the size of the transport vehicle, it is tough to predict exactly where and when the turbine will be at any particular moment.”

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