Ithaca wuz robbed! New York “best diner” contest comes close, though

A web contest to pick the best diner across three regions of New York leaves out Ithaca gems like the Lincoln Street Diner and State Diner, but there are Montour Falls and Watkins Glen spots to vote for.

Photo courtesy Classic Chef’s Diner.

The contest at asks readers to vote for their favorite in Western, Central, and Eastern regions of New York State.

Semifinalist choices for the Western New York region include Classic Chef’s Diner in Montour Falls and Curly’s in Watkins Glen, as well as the Penn Yan Diner not much farther away.

Central New York’s offerings are mostly in and around Syracuse, and the Eastern New York region includes the Roscoe Diner, a spot familiar to many who travel between Ithaca and the New York City area.

Voters can pick up to two diners per region, but can only vote once before the contest closes at 11:59pm on Sunday, February 19. Judges will visit the top six diners to check out their food and announce two winners in early March.

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