It’s official! Ithaca’s new DiBella’s Subs opens February 16

Western New Yorkers and others who like great sandwiches can rejoice! DiBella’s Subs is opening in Ithaca’s southwest on February 16.

DiBella’s Subs is finally opening at 222 Elmira Road in Ithaca! 14850 photo.

The almost century old business started as a corner grocery in Rochester in 1918, specializing in Italian cold cuts, and cheeses. They evolved into a corner sandwich shop with fresh baked bread, and the rest is history. They first spread around Western New York and now there are at least 45 DiBella’s Subs locations in six states.

The company says dough is aged at least 16 hours before baking, and sub rolls are baked at least twice a day, so you’re never getting a roll that’s more than a few hours out of the oven. All ingredients are prepared fresh every day in each shop.

If you’re wondering what the big deal is, Danny Wegman loved DiBella’s sandwiches so much that he told his Wegmans deli counters to start making subs that good. They upgraded their delis after consulting with DiBella’s.

Now, Ithacans who love Wegmans subs can try the original, when DiBella’s opens its doors at 222 Elmira Road at 10am next Thursday!

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