East Hill’s Dunkin’ Donuts franchise finally has a drive-through!

The Dunkin’ Donuts location on Pine Tree Road on Ithaca’s East Hill has been open for just over three years, and they finally have a drive-through window. Town of Ithaca officials had initially refused to allow the chain donut shop franchise to have a drive-through.

Dunkin’ Donuts on Ithaca’s east hill. 14850 file photo.

Town officials said even though the bank that previously occupied the building had a drive-through teller window, the rules governing drive-through service at fast food eateries was different, and dependent on how close two eateries were. The Burger King at the corner of East Hill Plaza, which already had a drive-through, was too close, said officials.

As a result, the Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owner had to cover over the existing drive-through before opening. A petition quickly garnered lots of signatures, the Town of Ithaca approved a plan to add drive-through service last fall, and the window opened for service this Sunday.

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