A statewide state of emergency and a City Hall snow day? Mayor Myrick might as well shovel the snow.

The snowstorm that closed dozens of Central New York school districts, caused Cornell University and Ithaca College to delay opening, and prompted Governor Cuomo to declare a state of emergency so state resources could be deployed left many area adults scrambling for childcare, working from home, or otherwise with an altered schedule. What did Mayor Svante Myrick do with his suddenly free schedule? He offered to help shovel everyone’s driveways.

Nathan Corneilius, Nate Shinagawa, Mayor Myrick, and Ed Strong with a grateful west hill resident. Photo courtesy of Nate Shinagawa.

“I’ve got four shovels, three gullible roommates, and a schedule full of canceled meetings,” Mayor Myrick announced on his Facebook page. “Anyone need a hand?”

He of course got a few quips in response, a few “Best Mayor Ever!” comments, and a couple of suggestions to check out problematic intersections, but then a few requests for help. One woman shared the address of her kids’ 93-year-old great-grandmother, saying, “Don’t want her shoveling, and she will try!” Another posted her mom’s address, saying, “I’m not around to help!” And one man said he had a spinal injury, and would be grateful for the assist.

So Mayor Myrick and his friends, Nathan Cornelius, Nate Shinagawa, and Ed Strong, have spent the last few hours shoveling out driveways, cars, and sidewalks, chatting with constituents, and just generally being good neighbors.

Those of us who can’t quite manage an afternoon shoveling out the whole town can at the very least make sure nearby fire hydrants are shoveled clear, and check on elderly or shut-in neighbors to make sure they have something hot to eat.

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