Huge commercial truck will drive — slowly — through Ithaca

The New York State Police tells us a 187-ton General Electric turbine is being trucked through Central New York, and it will be coming through Ithaca on Friday or Saturday, after a brief delay in the Cazenovia area.

Update: GE turbine won’t hit Ithaca Saturday morning

Meadow Street, the northbound portion of Route 13 in Ithaca’s west end, will be closed to all traffic so the truck can drive south on Meadow Street instead of Fulton Street.

An initial schedule for the transport anticipated the large commercial truck, towing its large commercial load, reaching Cazenovia on Wednesday, Homer on Thursday, and Ithaca on Friday, February 3rd, but public information officer Jamie Williamson of the Ithaca Police Department says he believes the truck will now be in Ithaca on Saturday morning.

Trooper Nathan Riegal of the New York State Police confirmed for us that the transport was delayed in Cazenovia, and would be leaving there on Friday morning.

A General Electric turbine negotiating a turn as it’s transported through Central New York this week by truck. Photo courtesy of Doug Goddard.

“The slow-moving, 345-foot long by 20-foot wide transporter vehicle, with a total weight of nearly 450 tons, will significantly affect traffic in both directions as it makes its way west then south,” according to an initial NYSP release.

The vehicle will take Route 281 into Cortland County, Route 222 into Tompkins County, Salt Road and Peruville Road into Lansing, and then turn south onto Route 34. The transport will head south on Route 34, East Shore Drive, into the City of Ithaca, then proceed south on Route 13 into Ithaca’s west end. Currently, police expect the transport will enter Ithaca at about 9:30am on Saturday. It was originally scheduled to reach Ithaca on Friday.

A General Electric turbine being transported through Central New York this week by truck. Photo courtesy of Doug Goddard.

The truck will take Meadow Street through the west end, then proceed south out of Ithaca, taking Elmira Road onto Route 34. The Ithaca Police Department has not responded to our questions about how and whether motorists will be able to cross Meadow Street before and after the truck and turbine pass.

The GE turbine is being trucked from the company’s plant in Schenectady to its destination, a power plant outside Scranton, Pennsylvania, according to The Morning Call.

“Motorists driving on the affected roads should be on the lookout and should seek out alternate routes when this behemoth is in their area,” warns the New York State Police bulletin. “Because of the shipment’s weight and the size of the transport vehicle, it is tough to predict exactly where and when the turbine will be at any particular moment.”

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