Common Council will consider law to make Ithaca a sanctuary city

Ithaca already had a resolution making it a “sanctuary city” where all residents could feel safe, regardless of immigration status, but tonight the Common Council is considering an ordinance that would give that status the force of law.

“We feel it’s important to take action quickly to reaffirm and strengthen our status as a sanctuary city,” says City of Ithaca Second Ward alderperson Ducson Nguyen. The proposed ordinance would add an Article VI titled “Sanctuary City” to chapter 215 of the City of Ithaca Municipal Code.

“This is an ordinance — not just a statement — but an actual ordinance that will ensure Ithaca remains a sanctuary for all hard-working people,” said Mayor Svante Myrick on Tuesday. “This ordinance is entirely legal — unlike Trump’s executive orders. And if we need to, we’ll prove it in court.”

“Thanks to my colleague Cynthia Brock for advocating for a strong policy response to Trump and President Bannon’s threats for months,” added Nguyen.

The ordinance, along with a resolution supporting “the issuance of driver’s licenses to all qualified New York residents, regardless of immigration status,” will be on the agenda for tonight’s 6pm Common Council meeting.

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