Dog safe after starting accidental kitchen fire

“Another fire that could have been worse” was extinguished early Monday evening after a pet dog accidentally started a kitchen fire in an upstairs apartment on a downtown Ithaca block. The Ithaca Fire Department says the dog tried hopping up on a counter and turned a stove burner on, and a cutting board on top of the stove caught fire.

According to IFD public information officer Thomas T. Basher Jr., the apartment resident came home and found the apartment had filled with smoke. He grabbed the dog and called 911 for assistance.

Basher says IFD’s response kept the fire from getting worse, and no pets or people were hurt in the incident. He urges everyone to keep stovetops clear of all combustible materials, never store anything on top of the stove, and make sure pets and children don’t have access to stoves when they’re unattended.

“If you do have an emergency,” IFD says, “call 911 and get everyone out!”

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