Rally on the Ithaca Commons this weekend will support immigration rights

President Trump has talked about making immigration to the United States harder, especially for Muslims and refugees, and a local group has organized an “emergency rally to support immigration rights” this Saturday.

This week, Mayor Myrick said that Ithaca will remain a sanctuary city as planned. “As long as I am Mayor, Ithaca will remain open to anyone who is in our country to work hard and pursue the American dream,” he said on his Facebook. “We will not stop, question, investigate or arrest anyone simply for their immigration status. And we will not cooperate with any attempts to build a federal registry based on ethnicity.”

On Facebook, rally organizer Walaa Maharem-Horan says actions are important, but so is a public rally, “letting those who live in this area that they are not alone. It’s about letting our elected officials know what we want and what we believe. It’s about showing unity in this time where we are so divided.”

The emergency rally to support immigration rights is this Saturday afternoon January 28 from 2-4pm on the Downtown Ithaca Commons.

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