Beware of deer hunting this month in areas around Ithaca

There may be hunters around town the next couple of weeks! The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has established a deer management focus area “to enable intensive management of over-abundant deer populations” in areas around New York, including Ithaca and Tompkins County. Hunting is legal from January 14 to 31.

14850 file photo.

Any registered big game hunter can hunt antlerless deer, up to two per day, during the DMFA season, by registering with the DMFA program for a free permit and tags.

“During the DMFA season, a hunter may use any hunting implement that is lawful during any other deer season in that area.” Buttermilk Falls State Park and Robert H. Treman State Park allow bowhunting and crossbow hunting only. Rifles are not allowed for big game hunting anywhere in Tompkins County.

New York’s deer management focus area in Tompkins County. Map courtesy DEC.

If you’re out and about, says, wear bright colored clothes, especially orange, and put a bright bandana or even an orange vest on your dog, too. Make enough noise by whistling or talking while you walk that nearby hunters will be aware of you — but once hunters know you’re there, don’t make so much noise that you’ll disturb the wildlife.

Details of the DMFA program are on the DEC website. The areas of Tompkins County in the deer management focus area are outlined in a PDF with a map and descriptions.

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