Odd-even parking back in effect in City of Ithaca with snow approaching

The City of Ithaca suspended seasonal odd-even parking regulations last fall, but they’re back in effect “until further notice” with snow expected this weekend. Rain is likely to turn to freezing rain or sleet tonight, and heavy snow is expected overnight and tomorrow.

A snowy Seneca Street parking garage. 14850 file photo.

“When we have snow on the way we will activate Odd/Even parking,” Mayor Myrick announced at the end of October. “When we’ve cleared the streets we will turn it back off.”

Odd-even parking was back in force for about a week in mid December, as well.

In the meantime, those parked on Ithaca streets may need to move their cars to the other side (which might mean finding room on another block) or park in a parking garage overnight. (The City has not said they’re waiving parking garage parking rates this week, as sometimes happens in a snow emergency.)

This year’s change to the long-derided odd-even parking system depends on area residents signing up for Swift911’s emergency notification service, Mayor Myrick says. “If people sign up we can do away with odd/even forever. If people don’t sign up we will need to go back to the old system.”

The Odd/Even Parking policy has long meant parking is prohibited on most City of Ithaca streets from 2am-6am on the odd-numbered side of the road on odd-numbered dates, and the even-numbered side of the road on even-numbered dates. For example, parking would be prohibited on the odd side of the street in the wee hours of November 1st.

Overnight tonight, parking will be prohibited on the odd side of City of Ithaca streets, because from 2am-6am, it will be January 13th. “Tickets may be issued” to vehicles remaining parked on the wrong side of the street tonight and until odd-even parking is again suspended.

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