Closing this week, The Shop has served Ithaca’s freshest coffee

After almost nine years in Downtown Ithaca, The Shop is closing its doors at the end of this week. You may have driven past The Shop without noticing it; it’s Ithaca’s combination tattoo parlor and coffee shop, on East Seneca Street.

Patience is a virtue. Pourover coffee at The Shop. 14850 file photo.

The folks at The Shop announced this Monday morning that they’ll be closing at the end of the week. They’re open 8am-6pm through Thursday, and 8am-7pm for their final day, Friday, January 12th.

What has made The Shop different from most coffee shops — besides the tattoos, that is — is that each cup of coffee is individually brewed. Choose from a dozen or so varieties from small roasters rather than two or three daily brews, and they’ll grind and brew just enough for your cup, on the spot. They use a pour-over brewing method, or if you’d like more than a cup, they’ve got small and large French Press coffee pots.

Most coffee shops discard brewed coffee after it’s been sitting a while, so your cup of coffee should never be too old anywhere that prides itself on good coffee, but there really is nothing quite like a cup of coffee brewed from beans that were just ground a moment ago. Many of coffee’s aroma and flavor compounds begin to break down minutes after the beans are ground, so The Shop’s approach offers the freshest possible cup of coffee, every single cup.

The Shop on East Seneca Street. 14850 file photo.

Of course these days brewed coffee isn’t enough, and The Shop also offers espresso and espresso drinks. A tea lover will find something exciting here, as well; the selection of CognoscenTea teas available at The Shop is clearly not just an afterthought.

“Thank you truly for your support and love for The Shop Cafe,” say the owners.

Model Citizen Tattoo will remain open for business by appointment with specific artists.

The Shop is at 312 East Seneca Street in downtown Ithaca, east of Aurora Street overlooking Route 79 as it curves along Seneca Way. There are nearby meters or the Seneca Street parking garage is just a few yards away. Stop in one last time to help them use up their stock in exchange for some cold, hard cash, and tell them you heard about them here.

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